National Volunteer Week – Indiana Partners with Katie

April 20, 2021

Celebrating National Volunteer Week, V3 is highlighting some of our volunteer partners and asking our team members what got them interested in volunteering.

Through the V3 Social Responsibility program (VSR) we provide every employee with paid time off to volunteer their time and skills to help those in need. Whether contributing in river cleanups, mentoring STEM educational programs, constructing housing or delivering new water systems in Central America, we understand that being an enriched employee often means being an engaged citizen.

Katie LaSalle | Senior Operations Coordinator | Office Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

What got you involved in VSR?

I enjoy volunteering. It is a wonderful feeling to know you’ve spent your time bettering your community.

What organization do you partner with? 

In our Indianapolis office, we partner with Friends of the White River and The Parks Alliance of Indianapolis. We are looking to partner with two more organizations in the coming year; Keep Indianapolis Beautiful & Mud Creek Conservancy.

What do you like about this organization?

Their mission, their message, the work they do? I like the organizations that we partner with for a few reasons. First, because they align with the projects and type of services that we provide at V3. Another reason, the people that run these organizations also put so much time and effort into our community & I find that to be inspiring. Lastly, I like the mission. Friends of the White River work tirelessly to keep our waterways clean & The Parks Alliance of Indianapolis partner with other organizations such as Indy Urban Acres. Indy Urban Acres is an urban farm the provides food to food pantries around the city. It is all about people helping people and to be part of that is something to be proud of!

Do you have a fun story from one of your volunteer days?

One of my favorite parts of volunteering is spending time with the amazing people I work with outside of the office. I don’t have one story in particular but we have so many laughs while we are picking up trash side by side!