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Site Civil, Sustainable Design & Consulting

River District Master Planning

Chicago, Illinois

  • V3 assisted our client with master planning of the Chicago Tribune Freedom Press site on West Chicago Avenue to reposition the property for sale or development.

  • The site was located in a planned manufacturing district that prohibited residential use. As part of the master planning efforts, the 30-acre site was rezoned into a planned, mixed-use development.

  • V3 was active in meeting with the City to assist in establishing the design intent and furthering the conversations to assist in the rezoning process.

  • V3 prepared several overall stormwater management strategies, sewer layout and watermain layout for the site to assist the various City agencies in understanding the future demand on the systems and to discuss preferred layouts for incorporation into the City’s system.

  • V3 also prepared documents outlining the advantages and disadvantages of having public roadways versus private roadways.

  • Sustainability is a key component of the planned development. As part of the master planning process, V3 prepared a sustainability analysis report for the site. Aspects discussed in the report included integrated rainwater management, river engagement opportunities, sustainable site works and maintenance planning.

  • V3 assisted in providing opinions of probable construction costs for the proposed infrastructure. These opinions were used to assist in the establishment of a tax increment funding (TIF) district.

  • V3 also assisted in the phasing plans to help further the phased development strategy. Phasing was done so that the first phase will require minimal new infrastructure to allow for the TIF increment to be generated early in the development process.

  • Tribune Media has placed the property on the market for development by a master developer. V3 participated in conference calls with several of the bidders to help walk through the complications of the site and also participated in discussions with the various public agencies.