V3 is ‘Turning the Page’ on Employee Wellbeing

August 1, 2021

V3 is proud to offer our award-winning REVITALIZE Wellbeing Program to our employees and spouses to get healthy and take control of their well-being. This year, wellness took on a whole new meaning as we continue to cope with the new life challenges brought on by Covid-19. We asked our employees to share their wellness and personal goals they set for themselves during quarantine and in general for the year. Based on their responses, REVITALIZE crafted this year’s “Turning the Page” challenge. Instead of merely focusing on physical fitness, “Turning the Page” invites participants to set goals that relate to wellbeing in all aspects of their lives, including financial, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, and more. Over half of our staff submitted a wide variety of goals, including “read more books,” “become debt-free,” “meditate daily,” “complete a triathlon,” and “strengthen my body with weight training,” just to name a few.

After we got a chance to hear which goals were meaningful to our participants, the 12-person committee were eager to craft competitions, activities, and seminars around their responses. We kicked off the year with a virtual session called “Finding Your Why” presented by Rhiannon Tims, a health, fitness, and mindset coach, on how to plan for success in reaching your goals. Regular virtual guest speakers have been invited to discuss biometric screening outcomes, how to talk to your doctor about your results and how nutrition can move the needle in terms of health. We also offered a month-long “WorkFit” program where employees, as well as their friends and family, could access Zoom fitness classes with a personal trainer three times a week. The “V3 Walking Tour,” challenge was themed as a virtual walking tour around the world. Since travel was challenging, we offered a virtual look at different destinations with educational links about different countries and cultures, including The Chinese New Year, Copa America, Holland’s Tulip Festival, and Canada’s Victoria Day.