Construction Engineering


  • Construction Management /┬áResident Engineering:
    – Project Documentation
    – Change Orders & Pay Estimates
    – Material Testing & Inspection
    – Public Relations
    – Record Drawings
    – Construction Layout
    – Measurement of Quantities
  • Program Management:
    – Cost Control
    – Schedule Preparation & Analysis
    – Constructability Reviews
    – Construction Cost Estimating
    – Funding Source Expertise
    – Claim Resolution
  • Owners Representation

Every construction engineering project, whether big or small, demands a team with the problem-solving acumen to see it through to successful completion. Our diverse construction team includes experts in construction inspection, materials, documentation, scheduling and cost control. Our people have a reputation for anticipating unforeseen issues, solving problems before they sidetrack a project, estimating costs and managing payments, and providing highly-proactive service. Because our team includes several former clients, every decision and interaction related to the project is viewed through the lens of the impact on the project owner.

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Construction engineering is the best of both worlds. Engineering and construction management skills are both utilized to deliver projects. I am able to contribute to the creation of infrastructure that best meets the unique demands of its environment. It is very fulfilling to design, plan, manage and solve technical challenges for delivery of an end product that is advancing and benefitting communities.

Megan Benetatos, Resident Engineer