Construction Engineering


  • Construction Management / Resident Engineering:
    – Project Documentation
    – Change Orders & Pay Estimates
    – Material Testing & Inspection
    – Public Relations
    – Record Drawings
    – Construction Layout
    – Measurement of Quantities
  • Program Management:
    – Cost Control
    – Schedule Preparation & Analysis
    – Constructability Reviews
    – Construction Cost Estimating
    – Funding Source Expertise
    – Claim Resolution
  • Owners Representation

Every construction engineering project, whether big or small, demands a team with the problem-solving acumen to see it through to successful completion. Our diverse construction team includes experts in construction inspection, materials, documentation, scheduling and cost control. Our people have a reputation for anticipating unforeseen issues, solving problems before they sidetrack a project, estimating costs and managing payments, and providing highly-proactive service. Because our team includes several former clients, every decision and interaction related to the project is viewed through the lens of the impact on the project owner.

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I was always interested in math in High School so during Senior year my dad took me to a Women in Science and Technology class where I learned about all the different fields that math played a role in. I really liked the sound of civil engineering and so that’s what I majored in in College. I like the variety we see with construction… every day there’s something different and we’re solving new problems but with the same rules. I know that not everyone enjoys when construction happens but we really are doing it with the intention of improving the communities we live in, and I really like that about my job.

Katie Gierut, P.E., Project Engineer